Synopsis of the Topic:

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has taken the entire world by storm. The pandemic triggered the reconsideration of how businesses operate, and where businesses and employees operate from. Also, this pandemic prompted a shift in skillsets that organisations consider to be mission critical for their businesses and are willing to retain.

The reality posed by COVID-19 has also influenced what constitutes critical positions in many organisations. While some skills might gradually be going out of demands, several companies would now begin to place differentiating premiums on critical talents that would support the organisation’s capacity to meet business challenges; the game-plan has changed, and everyone seems to be more future-focussed.

Although we are quite optimistic that business recoveries are imminent, but we have enormous lessons to learn, particularly relating to how various organisations approach talent and succession management. Join us during the July knowledge share as we discuss the implications of these unfolding realities on the world of work and engagement of employees?

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