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The vision for LDN was born in May 2011 when 9 (nine) Nigerian professionals who attended the American Society of Training & Development (ASTD) conference at Orlando, Florida and met at the conference.

They talked about the seamless way with which the conference was organized and discussed on how to bring the same passion from that conference to Nigeria and start something similar.

Dr Alo (Founding President of LDNI), who was also at that conference, immediately volunteered to sponsor the venue and breakfast at the first roundtable meeting of the proposed network in Nigeria. Collins Edebiri (Founding VP), who was also at the conference & has been the livewire of this network, got back to Nigeria and immediately rallied and coordinated the first in August 2011 and subsequent meetings ever since.


A new year is a perfect time to evaluate the previous year and set new goals. While goal setting is important for success in career and life, traditional goal setting can be overwhelming, discouraging and is not designed for today’s complex environment.

This is an opportunity to understand the following:
· how to set Agile goals that is fluid and flexible,
· how to change my goals as my needs evolve
· appreciate what the acronym – CLEAR goals really mean
· the need to tie your goals with your vision

Kindly join us and Abike Wesey as she explores how to use agile goal setting to create your desired 2023.

Please register @ https://bit.ly/LDNI_125

The Human Life Cycle delineate the important stages of human growth and development from cradle to grave. Similarly, the product life cycle outlines the phases or stages a product goes through from introduction, growth, maturity and decline.
Employee Life Cycle is the model use to identify and express the various and most important stages an employee goes through in the course of his or her career in a company.
Employee Life Cycle is acknowledged a viable HR resource. Understanding Employee Life Cycle is essential for the successful management of human capital. It helps organization to understand:
1. Employees needs and develop strategies to meet and satisfies those needs
2. It helps to attract and retain the right employee mix
3. It helps to optimize employee experience and engagement thus improving productivity and performance.

Kindly join us and Ven. Adelowo Adesina as he explores employee Life Cycle on Wednesday January 25th @11am

Please register @ https://bit.ly/LDNI-126





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