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The vision for LDN was born in May 2011 when 9 (nine) Nigerian professionals who attended the American Society of Training & Development (ASTD) conference at Orlando, Florida and met at the conference.

They talked about the seamless way with which the conference was organized and discussed on how to bring the same passion from that conference to Nigeria and start something similar.

Dr Alo (Founding President of LDNI), who was also at that conference, immediately volunteered to sponsor the venue and breakfast at the first roundtable meeting of the proposed network in Nigeria. Collins Edebiri (Founding VP), who was also at the conference & has been the livewire of this network, got back to Nigeria and immediately rallied and coordinated the first in August 2011 and subsequent meetings ever since.


Engaging a stranger/strangers in conversation in an informal setting or corporate setting can be very uncomfortable. Deciding what to talk about is even more difficult because you are scared you may say something wrong.

However, ‘Making small talk’ is the window to many relationships (formal and informal). Once you get it right you sail to getting better acquainted.

Kindly join us and Boumogha Sagay on Wednesday June 7th @ 11am as we discuss the value of Small Talk and demonstrate how to initiate, maintain and conclude small talk.

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Use of data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) are swiftly transforming the landscape of learning and development (L&D), offering new opportunities professionals and organizations to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their training initiatives.

Some of the key benefits of data analytics and AI in L&D include the ability to personalize learning experiences and providing real-time feedback and recommendations to learners. Learning experts can also identify areas where employees may be lacking in skills and knowledge by analyzing data on employee performance and comparing it to organizational goals.

However, while data analytics and AI offer many benefits to L & D practice, there are also several concerns, as well as issues and problems that learning professionals and organizations may encounter when implementing these technologies.

Kindly join Peter Shialsuk on Wednesday July 5th @ 11am as he shares his thoughts on some of the key issues that L&D professionals and organizations need to be aware of.

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Frontline organizations crave for the expanded bottom line beyond the break-even points in their massive action plans.

Beyond this ordeal, while leveraging the competence and capability modes, agile organizations embellish certain pains in its processes and people without wane; whose indicators are rarely noticeable on the surface.

Kindly join Dr. James Komolafe on Wednesday July 12 @ 11am as he explores what then are the options to transforming such pains to productivity?

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A successful and fulfilling career path is possible!
Optimizing career stages is a continuous process to guarantee high level performance that involves assessing an individual skill, setting goals, and taking action to achieve them throughout the work-life cycle and career stages include Early career stage, Mid-career stage and Late career stage.

Kindly join us and Victor Akinfala on Wednesday May 10th @ 11am as this learning experience will provide proven keys to optimizing career stages in order to achieve positive, productive, profitable, balanced and sustainable career path irrespective of the stage.

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Collaboration, Transparency and Adaptability aren’t just fancy terminologies gaining grounds in corporate domains for no good reason. They are critical factors required for organizations to succeed and thrive in a disruptive era.

Truth be told, many organizations are struggling with respect to growing and deepening these capabilities for the purpose of expanding sustainable advantage.

Why? Because a large number of organizations still consist of workforce with rigid mindsets, behaviors and norms with relevance only for the 1st industrial era! Adapting and pivoting for growth therefore remain a pressing challenge.

To make real progress, organizations will need to shove up the degree of adaptability. They would need to Build a Culture of Agility!

Kindly join us and Olufunke Adio on Wednesday May 3rd @ 11am as she explores how organizations can build agility, generate innovative ideas & consistently deliver business value especially within a disruptive context.

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Many people get to a point where they reevaluate their lives and careers, and decide to go down a different professional path. While a career change can be a daunting prospect, often accompanied by some growing pains, it can also be an exciting one and a hugely rewarding experience. A successful career change requires a carefully crafted approach to ensure that you make that transition with ease.

Kindly join LDNI and Elizabeth E. Ajala on Wednesday April @ 11am as she explores the reasons and types of career change and steps for successful career change.

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