About Us

In May 2011, a group of nine visionary L& D professionals attended the Association for Talent Development (ATD) conference in Orlando, Florida. Upon returning from the conference, they came together to promote the ATD model in Nigeria, inviting other practitioners to revolutionize the learning and development landscape in the country. This effort led to the formal inauguration of the Learning and Development Network of Nigeria (LDNI) in 2012, with a bold mission to elevate L&D standards and practices.

Starting with humble beginnings and regular Saturday morning breakfast meetings, LDNI has grown exponentially, establishing a strong presence in three key regions: Lagos, Port Harcourt, and Abuja.

Under the leadership of three distinguished Presidents – Dr. Oladimeji Alo LDM, Rev. Collins Edebiri LDM, and Mr. Olumide Ajomale LDM – LDNI has become a beacon for excellence in L&D.



In this fast-paced 45-minute webinar, we’ll delve into the critical concept of psychological safety in the workplace. We’ll explore why it matters for both individual and organizational success.

Here’s what you can expect to learn:
* What is psychological safety?
* Why is it important?
* The impact on you and your team.
* Creating a psychologically safe environment.

Kindly join us and Olumide Ajomale on April 17 @11am to be equipped with the knowledge and tools to:
* Recognize the importance of psychological safety
* Identify ways to create a more psychologically safe environment in your workplace
* Begin implementing strategies to boost innovation, collaboration, and employee well-being

Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock the power of psychological safety in your organization!
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We are embarking on a journey to learn about basic financial information that demonstrates how economic realities, social pressures and one’s financial habits affect their personal growth.

Kindly join us and Habiba Balogun on May 1st @11am to get introduced to the basic principles and strategies of financial success, empowered with the tools for a systematic and ethical way to greater financial independence & security; and improve your ability to increase your income, savings and investments opportunities.

Learning Objectives:
By the end of the presentation, you as a participant will be able to:
– Calculate your financial vital statistics
– Prioritize managing your money
– Be in control of your spending
– Understand how to borrow intelligently
– Set up a savings plan that is easy to stick to
– Understand the relationship between risk and return
– Make wise investment decisions
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The concept of vision boards remains highly relevant in our fast paced world today. While the traditional method of using physical materials persists, the rise of digital tools allows for a dynamic and adaptable approach.
Vision boards, in whatever format, serve as a powerful visualization tool, keeping long-term goals prominent and fostering a goal-oriented mindset.

Kindly join us and Yetunde Kolawole on May 8th @11am to learn its valuable application capable of offering a strategic focus and a creative outlet to manifest aspirations.
This session promises to be very insightful and would inspire creativity in you to get ready to create your vision board.
Register now @ https://bit.ly/LDNI_186