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The vision for LDN was born in May 2011 when 9 (nine) Nigerian professionals who attended the American Society of Training & Development (ASTD) conference at Orlando, Florida and met at the conference.

They talked about the seamless way with which the conference was organized and discussed on how to bring the same passion from that conference to Nigeria and start something similar.

Dr Alo (Founding President of LDNI), who was also at that conference, immediately volunteered to sponsor the venue and breakfast at the first roundtable meeting of the proposed network in Nigeria. Collins Edebiri (Founding VP), who was also at the conference & has been the livewire of this network, got back to Nigeria and immediately rallied and coordinated the first in August 2011 and subsequent meetings ever since.


The last two years, we have witnessed a disruption in workplace practices to the extend that learning and development strategies need to evolve to successfully support employees through this period of change.

Kindly join us and the panelists on Wednesday December 7th @ 11am as we explore some insights on how learning and development can best respond to this need in Africa. Please register @ https://bit.ly/LDNI_124

Iain Thomson in an article
Are You Stereotyping Your Employees?_ stated “When it comes to judgement calls in the workplace, stereotyping your employees could seriously undermine your business’s productivity levels. …..”

Today’s workplace experience is driven by our mindsets, stereotyping and biases. These can, if not well managed, create unknown and severe consequences.

As an experienced workplace trainer, facilitator and coach Olumide would share his insights, thoughts and perspectives on how to navigate through this misleading and potentially harmful aspect of workplace behaviours.

Unknown to you, your mindsets and stereotyping may have led you to make poor personal and career decisions. Come learn new attitudes, behaviours and conduct that would take you off this track on Wednesday November 30, 2022 at 11.00am.

Please register @ https://bit.ly/LDNI_123





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